Web strategy

Performance and
digital innovation

The creation and handling of a website should follow the digital and technological innovations. In this way, you can have a good technical design of the site and a better approach to the Internet users.

Website design

Customised website design can help you stand out from the competition. By getting help from a web design agency, you will benefit from a quality website. It will be in line with your professional activity.

Showcase and e-commerce website

As part of your digital strategy, opt for an e-commerce website.


The WordPress CMS will allow you to have a website that is easy to use.

Corporate and event

Web development will allow you to have a website for your events.

Webdesign: aesthetics and digital experience

Creating a website according to the rules of webdesign

When creating and redesigning a website, it is undeniable to think about the design of the site. You need to understand the needs of the visitors. It is necessary to understand the expectations of your targets in order to propose an adapted site. In some cases, it is possible to propose a site specialised in B2B. The graphic design can change depending on the nature of your business.

Webdesign: aesthetics and digital experience

The services of a web agency

The creation of a website brings to the fore other additional activities. The quality of your web interfaces must be enhanced. Both graphic and technical elements are to be taken into consideration.

web hosting

Web hosting


Web hosting should be chosen according to storage space.

graphic design

Graphic design


The ergonomic design of the site must emphasize the web graphics.

web communication

Web communication


The communication agency will help you get your message across.

SEO referencing

SEO referencing


For an optimization on the internet, it is necessary to carry out a natural referencing.

Web et mobile development

Web & mobile development

Keeping up with web technology

Pour obtenir plus de visiteurs, vous pouvez mettre en avant l’utilisation d’applications mobiles. C’est un moyen d’attirer plus de clients dans votre entreprise. Le site info-jeux.fr a bénéficié du savoir-faire d’experts en la matière.

Le responsive design doit être inclus dans les perspectives de développement web. Cette condition est nécessaire dans le cadre des sites de e-commerce. Il intervient dans la communication visuelle.

Digital solutions for your web projects

The chosen digital strategy must take into account the graphic charter. The logo could also be used to make you stand out online. The web agency could offer you long-term digital solutions.

Community management

Community management

Community management aims to highlight your social media strategy.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Influencers can help you gain traction on social networks.

E-mailing et newsletters

E-mailing & newsletters

Newsletters and e-mailing are the best way to ensure online exchanges.

Netlinking: creating a natural external link

The use of external links and internal links can have an impact on your results. Netlinking can help you increase the number of leads and visitors. Linking can be done naturally or artificially. Indeed, it is possible to buy links. However, before applying yourself to this solution, it is advisable to inform yourself about the theme of the site concerned. Note that netlinking is a solution used in natural referencing. It is closely related to SEO strategies. Hyperlinks play an important role in marketing.

The importance of mobile marketing for your business

It is a way to boost the efficiency of your business. Mobile marketing is about promoting your business on the internet. It will be possible to access your shop from a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is an optimisation technique to facilitate access on mobile devices.

App Store Optimization - ASO

App Store Optimization (ASO)

This type of optimisation will help you increase your brand awareness through your visibility on the internet.

Push notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications focus on a communication mode that favours your exchanges with customers.